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Postgraduate Degrees in Classics, Ancient History and Related Subjects

UniversityDepartment(s)Courses Available and Further information
Belfast, Queen's University Classics Further information on research opportunities can be obtained from the Director of the School, Prof. F. Williams.
Birkbeck School of History, Classics and Archaeology

MA (part-time 2 year programmes) are available in Archaeology, Classical Civilisation (no Greek or Latin required).

Research programmes available within the department include MPhil and PhD

Birmingham The Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity

Postgraduate Research programmes include MPhil, M.Litt, PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classical History, Classics, Egyptology, Greek Archaeology, Late Antiquity, Modern East Mediterranean Studies, Ottoman Studies and Modern Greek Studies.

Postgraduate taught programmes include MA in Byzantine Studies, Classics, Egyptology and Greek Archaeology.

See further: Birmingham postgraduate pages

Bristol Classics and Ancient History

MA Myth; MA Classical Heritage; MA Classics; MA in Ancient History and Historiography.

Research programmes include M.Phil, M.Litt, with an opportunity to continue with PhD.

See further: Postgraduate study at Bristol.

Cambridge Classics

Research degrees: Ph.D; M.Phil.

See further:

The Courtauld Institute

Postgraduate taught courses include MA History of Art, Graduate Diploma in the History of Art and MA Painting Conservation.

Research degrees: Ph.D;M.Phil.

See further: Postgraduate Prospectus

Durham Archaeology

Taught professional programmes include MA Conservation of Historic Objects (not running 2004/05); MA Museum and Artefact Studies; MA Archaeological Surveying.

Taught programmes in archaeology: MA Archaeology (Prehistory; Roman; India, Egypt and Near East; Prehistoric Rock Art (not running 2004/05); Taught Scientific Archaeology programme, MSc Palaeopathology.

Research degrees: Ph.D and M.Phil

See further Egypt, India, Near East.


Taught courses include MA Classics and MA Classics and Theology; Research programmes include MA, Mlitt and Ph.D

See further: Postgraduate Classics.

Edinburgh Archaeology Taught courses include MSc or Diploma in Archaeology. From 2004 new MSc programmes include European Archaeology, Mediterranean Archaeology, MSc by research, Underwater Archaeology; Research programmes include M.Phil and Ph.D. See Postgraduate Studies in Archaeology.

Taught programmes include Diploma/MSc Classics and Diploma/MSc Classical Archaeology; Research degrees include M.Litt Classics and Ph.D Classics. See further: Classics: Postgraduate Information and Scottish Classical Postgraduates.

Exeter Archaeology

Taught programmes include MA Experimental Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Military Archaeology and MA/MSc/PGDip in Wetland Archaeology and Environments.

Research programmes include M.Phil/Ph.D

Classics and Ancient History

Taught programmes include MA Classics and Ancient History

Research programmes include M.Phil/Ph.D

Glasgow Archaeology

Archaeology: Taught ProgrammesMPhil/Diploma in Archaeology (options include Archaeological Studies or Mediterranean Archaeology).

Research programmes include MPhil and Ph.D


Taught courses include MPhil. Research programmes offered include Ph.D and M.Litt.

See further Classics: Taught Programmes and Research and Scottish Classical Postgraduates.

King's College, London Classics

Taught programmes include Postgraduate Diploma in Classics; MA Classics; Classical Art and Archaeology; Ancient History and Late Antique and Byzantine Studies.

Research programmes include M.Phil and Ph.D.

See further their Postgraduate Prospectus.

Kent Classical and Archaeological Studies

MA, M.Phil and Ph.D in Classical and Archaeological Studies are available full- and part-time.

Information is available about the department with links to the postgraduate prospectus<.

Lampeter Archaeology

Taught MA courses are available in Archaeological Research, Cultural Heritage Management, Cultural Landscape Management and Landscape Management and Environmental Archaeology.


Taught courses: MA in Mythology and Society; MA Ancient History; MA in Byzantine Studies

Research programmes include M.Phil and Ph.D

See also Generalinformation on doctoral research by distance learning.

Leeds Classics Taught MA courses available include MA Classical Civilisation, Classics, Greek, Greek Civilisation, Latin and Roman Civilisation Research programmes available include MA and Ph.D
Leicester School of Archaeology and Ancient History

A range of campus-based Masters degrees or postgraduate diplomas are available, including Rome and Its Neighbours.

Both campus-based and distance-learning research degrees (PhD) are available.

See further: The Graduate Office.

Liverpool School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (SACOS)

MA degrees are available in Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology.

MSc Archaeology is also available.

Research degrees (MPhil and PhD) are also available in Archaeology (Arts or Science) and Classics and Ancient History.

See further: full list of postgraduate programmes.

Manchester Department of Classics and Ancient History

Taught course MA is available in Ancient World Studies.

PhD research degrees are available.

The School of Art History and Archaeology

MA Art History (Art and Architecture of Italy) with options that include Etruscan Italy and Pompeii

MA Archaeology (Prehistoric and Ancient Arts) with options that include Etruscan Italy and Pompeii.

See further: postgraduate programmes.

Newcastle School of Historical Studies (Classics, Archaeology, History)

Taught courses are available in MA Ancient History; MA Classics; MA History of Roman Italy and MA Greek and Roman Archaeology.

Research degrees are available in M.Litt. Classics and M.Phil. and PhD.

See further: Historical Studies postgraduate portal, with sections for Classics, Archaeology and History.

Nottingham Department of Classics

Taught courses available include MA in the Visual Culture of Classical Antiquity (new for 2004/05), MA Ancient History

, MA Classical Studies

MA Greek Archaeology and History, MA in Greek Drama, MA in Late Antique and Early Medieval History.

Research MA programme is available in Greek and Roman Studies.

Research degrees available include MPhil and PhD degrees, and an Integrated PhD programme/New route PhD (a programme that combines research, taught elements and professional skills development).

General information is available for prospective postgraduate students.

Open University Department of Classical Studies MA Classical Studies: part of the Arts Faculty MA in Humanities. It includes a postgraduate foundation module, a subject module on the Ancient Greek Theatre and a dissertation module.

Oxford Department of Classics

Taught courses available: M.St. (one-year) or M.Phil. (two-year).

Research programmes lead to the award of M.Litt or D.Phil.

Programme information is available on all courses in the humanities.

Reading Department of Classics

MA in the City of Rome (compulsory language component in Italian); MA Classics (compulsory language component in Ancient Greek and/or Latin); MA in Ancient Art; MA in Classical Tradition (compulsory language component, either Ancient Greek/Latin or modern European).

Information for these courses can be accessed at Classics postgraduate pages.

Royal Holloway Department of Classics and History

MA in Ancient Rome, MA Ancient History, MA Classical Art and Archaeology, MA Classics

M.Phil. and PhD programmes also available. For, general information regarding entrance and requirements, see the Graduate School.

Department of Drama and Performance

MA Greek Theatre Performance

M.Phil. and PhD programmes also available

The Hellenic Institute

MA Late Antique and Byzantine Studies

M.Phil. and PhD programmes also available

St. Andrews School of Classics

Graduate Diplomas, M.Litt and M.Phil research degrees are available in Ancient History, Greek, Greek and Latin and Latin

See the overview of postgraduate study within the School of Classics. See also the Scottish Classical Postgraduates site.

Southampton School of Humanities

MA Archaeology of Rome and Its Provinces.

Research degrees are also available.

Swansea Department of Classics and Ancient History

MA in Ancient History; MA in Ancient Egyptian Culture.

Research degree programmes are also available (PhD and M.Phil).

University College, London Department of Greek and Latin

MA Classics; research degrees M.Phil and PhD.

See postgraduate index.

Warwick Department of Classics and Ancient History

All postgraduate degrees are offered by research and include MA, M.Phil and PhD.

See their general information and advice.