Welcome to Classics Web. These pages are designed as a one-stop information centre for anyone who wants to find out more about the Greek and Roman world, and the study of its peoples and their culture, conventionally described as 'Classics'. The site has been compiled by the principal classical organisations in the United Kingdom.

Why Classics?

What is Classics? Why should anyone bother studying it? And how do I go about doing it? The Why Classics? pages are essential reference for anyone considering Classics at any level in the UK.


Introductory guide to Classics resources in different media.


A quick route to finding more about Classics in schools.


Listings of courses available at undergraduate and postgraduate level in universities.


This website is sponsored by the major organisations involved in the study of Greek and Roman Antiquity in the UK.

The Classical Association
The CA is the major classical organisation in the UK. It exists to promote, develop and maintain classical studies, both within and outwith formal education.
Council of University Classical Departments
The CUCD represents the UK's classical departments in Higher Education.
The Joint Association of Classical Teachers
JACT exists to promote the interest of the Classics in schools and colleges, and to support teachers.
The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, generally known as the Hellenic Society, was founded in 1879 to advance the study of Greek language, literature, history, art and archaeology in the Ancient, Byzantine and Modern periods.
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, generally known as the Roman Society, is the sister society to the Hellenic Society. Its scope is wide, covering Roman history, archaeology, literature and art down to about A.D. 700.